A day sprinkled with stardom

Last week the UELdreamBig winners were interviewed and photographed for their big dreams. Sinosha Paralikar, a 3 year HSB student, gave us an account of her experience:

Sometimes life surprises you with the most unexpected things and that is what happened with the UELdreamBig experience.

I used to look at the plasma screens that flashed ‘UELdreamBig’ in vivid colours - and they looked pretty eye catchy - but I could never imagine that I would be part of it one day!

Big thanks to Nadine Lewis for the nomination and panel of judges for selecting me as a winner, because of whom I experienced the life of a star for that one day.

When Melissa, the co-ordinator for this campaign contacted me to give this great news, she briefed me about the sequence of events that will follow for my interview which included hair and makeup. But I did not anticipate what exactly was waiting for me. I had been to a photoshoot once, which did not leave a good impression in my mind, so I casually packed my bag, got dressed and made my way to the location where I was going to be interviewed!

Once at the location, events that followed added memories that I could rewind in my mind several times! Firstly, the setup was of an extremely professional video and photoshoot, and secondly, the entire team was a group of awesomely talented beautiful souls! The warmth, smiles, comfort and appreciation added the ‘X’ factor to my experience. I can vouch that the photoshoot that I had been to previously was nowhere close to UEL team’s professionalism, perfection, enthusiasm and positive vibes! I could see the passion they had for their work.

Knowing it was all new for us - the cameras, the lights, sound system, etc. - they extended great comfort and gave me the liberty to be myself and not take pressure of anything. My makeup was exceptionally done by Jo and she was so accommodating that she ensured I felt confident with the makeup. Chris, who interviewed me, was so full of energy that my answers reflected the same. I think that was very important to keep my spirits and confidence high. I also received motivation in all forms from the other crew members, when they liked my answer, which made it easier and better as it advanced. All of this allowed me to deliver a fantastic interview.

During the photoshoot, Ayo (the photographer) was just phenomenal with his power voice and an eye for detail. When he said, “wicked” after he got a good shot, it just brought a smile and made me feel more confident! The best moment was when my hair was been blown to create an effect for the photos and to be honest that was one of the things on my bucket list which has been ticked off now!

Melissa was splendid! She also provided behind the scenes photos which were equally important as the professional photos. I wish I knew names of all crew members to thank them personally! They are all wonderful, committed people and it is because of them that my day was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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