DreamBIG on campus

This year, for the first time, we’re launching a new student-facing campaign entitled UELdreamBIG – designed to highlight the dreams and aspirations of UEL students.

In creating the campaign, we looked for students who were representative of the student body and whose dreams could inspire others.

The campaign has had a number of stages.

To find the university’s biggest dreamers and biggest dreams, we asked students to suggest friends and colleagues who had studied at UEL and had big aspirations. We then asked the students to tell us about their plans and hopes for the future.

In the spring all campuses were covered with UELdreamBIG banners asking students to nominate other students and we also hosted a series of mini events. Let’s refresh your memory with this video.

A panel made up of senior members of the university, UELSU and faculty made the final selection of 10 students.

Here’s the list of the lucky dreamers:

The winners had the chance to take part in a professional photo shoot during the summer and talked about their dreams and their experience at UEL.

We’ll be out in the enrolment queues during Welcome Week and beyond doing vox pop and asking students to post their #UELdreamBig selfies.

Keep an eye out for the dreamers’ posters around our campuses and on social media, you might see some familiar faces!

Click here to find out more about UELDreamBIG.

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