The role of Curriculum Ambassador involves working at the University and in local schools and colleges to deliver subject-specific presentations to young people. New applications for Curriculum Ambassadors opens on Monday April 26, and close on Friday May 21.  Read more

At the University of East London, we employ a large team of student ambassadors to support the External Relations Directorate. They play a critical role in inspiring the next generation of students into Higher Education. Applications for the next round of student ambassadors is opening on Monday April 26 2021, and close on Friday May 21 2021.  Read more

Long before social distancing was a common phrase and a national imperative, social exclusion, isolation and loneliness was an everyday phenomenon for many older men in East London. Tackling this blight on a housing estate in Barking has drawn together a wide range of diverse talents – including those from the University of East London - and has empowered residents to shape their own solutions.  Read more

Three PGCE trainee teachers, from the School of Education and Communities at the University of East London, spoke about their concerns and hopes based on the impact of the past year on teachers and on the students – as well as their hopes for the FE sector after lockdown.  Read more

Dr Mark Fox, pictured left, former programme director of educational psychology, follows the footsteps of Professor John Radford (founder and first head of psychology at UEL) who was the first to receive the prestigious British Psychological Society Lifetime Award in 2011.  Read more

The University of East London is playing a key role in a national project to explore people´s experience of walking during the pandemic. The research, called Walking Publics/Walking Arts: Walking, Wellbeing and Community During Covid-19, will also look at the role of creativity – or creative walking - in those experiences.  Read more

​​​​​​​As you may know, there has been several recent volcanic eruptions that have thrown the island of St. Vincent, in the Caribbean, into turmoil. The latest eruption happening earlier this week. Many people have been evacuated over the past ten days, however many are still there with little water and ash in the air. Children are in shelters. There are many people that don't have outside support or family to help them.  Read more

East London Sport has released a new set of challenges on the Moves+ app inspired by the Monopoly board game.  Read more