10 reasons why Nintendo is amazing

It’s shocking to think that Nintendo started off as just a humble trading card game, but its massive success as a leading gaming brand cannot be denied.

A fun, memorable and unique company, these are ten reasons why Nintendo is amazing.

1. The unforgettable franchises

Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Professor Layton, Metroid, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, how many more can I list? You’d have to have been living under a rock if you don’t recognise at least a few of these iconic names. All the characters in the Nintendo universe have earned their reputation as being amongst the most renowned video game characters of all time. Without games such as Super Mario Bros. and the (hopefully) soon to come Zelda Wii U, the gaming industry may have whittled down to just a faded memory.

2. Massive variety

The above doesn’t even list half the franchises that Nintendo has under that simplistic grey Logo. Every franchise has such variety between gameplay that even the franchises within franchises, for example, the Yoshi series, feels like it’s a completely different world and almost hardly links itself to its origins in terms of gameplay.

3. Third party games

If you’ve seen a tempting new console but ultimately decide it’s not worth it due to the lack of good games, then Nintendo’s still got you covered. Although there isn’t every game from every popular third party franchise, there’s still a lot ranging from LEGO games to Bayonetta. Nintendo knows how to fulfil demands and now even has a Wii U port for the immensely popular Minecraft.

4. Family friendly

Unlike some other popular gaming consoles, Nintendo actually caters to people of all ages. There are games that are so easy, literally a three-year-old could play it with no problem, like Yoshi’s Story for the N64. However, that same game can be upped in difficulty for a more experienced gamer by taking a more detailed route to the ending, i.e. looking for secrets. Of course there’s the obvious made-for-family games like Mario Kart and Mario Party, which can be both fun for the family, but are the cause for some fierce rivalries too.

5. It’s so colourful!

It just had to be said. Can you think of anything that is more pleasing to the eye than Nintendo games are? Even in the good old retro days, Nintendo never disappointed gamers with every new title donning new art styles and new gameplay elements, to help keep you at the edge of your seat while playing.

6. Nintendo is innovative

Even if some innovations weren’t so positively received, Nintendo isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Games like The Wind Waker and consoles like the Wii stepped into dangerous territory, but these risks resulted in critical acclaim from gamers which would have never been achieved if Nintendo decided to play it safe.

7. The unbeatable racing

Who doesn’t know what Mario Kart is? Really, is there a single gamer out there? From its roots on the SNES to Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, which by the way is the best-selling Wii U game to date, the Mario Kart series brought a unique twist to traditional racing games that is always a treat to experience.

8. Nintendo never gets old

Old or new, you can always find yourself picking up a game you haven’t played in years and still get a good time out of it. It’s great to revisit some of your childhood games but even better when you stumble across a game you’ve never even played before. Whether it’s out of nostalgia or pure boredom, there will definitely be a sweet treat to find from the past.

9. Sequels (and prequel sequels) are rarely just graphical upgrades

Nintendo seems to almost always find a way to add something new from game to game. Even the upcoming title Twilight Princess HD for the Wii U, which is a remake, actually offers an entirely new dungeon with the use of the Wolf Link amiibo. Staple series’ in Nintendo rarely just offer a new skin for a new game but instead find ways to add to the experience without stepping too far from what defines the game.

10. Hand-held consoles aren’t pointless

Instead of just recreating games from the home consoles on to hand-helds, Nintendo has established different identities for both sets of consoles. The hand-held systems are innovative and offer a completely different experiences to the home consoles. Not to mention, the hand-held consoles are the home of some of the most iconic franchises in Nintendo, including the Pokémon and Professor Layton series.

With such a huge variety in games, characters and stories, Nintendo really can’t be beaten. Nintendo serves up endless platters of games and consoles that almost always result in that sweet and satisfying fist pump.

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