Team UEL Games presents its new game at Nordic Game Jam

With this article we'd like to thank UEL for their support and show what we achieved during the jam and what has happened since.

What we did at the Jam

Included in our game jam tickets was enterance to the Nordic Game Jam PreParty, organized by the Copenhagen Game Collective. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to play some games made in previous years of the competition, and also to network and meet other game designers including some UEL Games alumni. Click here to watch NGJ’s video recap of the party - including footage of James, Paul and Alice checking out some of the games on display.

After the jams theme of ‘Leak’ was announced, much of our time was spent working on our game, however we were able to make some time to mingle with the other teams. Our team members were also able to introduce themselves to the recruiters attending the jam on behalf of Unity and Unreal Engine.

What we made
In response to the theme of ‘Leak’, we took inspiration from recent political scandals in the media, and made a tongue in cheek game in which the player acts as a corrupt Prime Minister trying to stop rumours of their offshore account leaking to the public.

You can play our finished game, Political Shitstorm, by downloading it here.

After finishing the game, our next step was the first round of presentations. We had to present our game to eight other teams who were grouped with us, so that we and the other teams could vote on which game was best, in order to qualify for the finals. The competition in our group was really intense, so we were surprised and very excited when it was announced that we’d gotten through to the finals!

The reaction to our game
Getting through to the final presentations pitted us against the 14 other most popular games of the jam. The quality of the games voted into the finals was incredibly high, and our game did not get into the top three after the final vote but you can check out the games that did win here.

However, getting through to the finals gave our team the chance to present our game in front of 800+ game jam attendees during the final round of presentations. It was also just fantastic for our game to get the recognition of being in the final 15 of 187 games.

Political Shitstorm seemed to be really well received by the crowd, ad got plenty of laughs; our team members also received lots of compliments and positive comments from other participants during the voting break between the presentations and the award ceremony.

A few days after the game jam, Political Shitstorm was featured in Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s weekly roundup of ‘best free PC games’. According to web analytics, RPS gets over 3 million views a month, so this article caused quite a lot of interest in our game.

As of 20/04/2016 the page for Political Shitstorm has had 2951 views, and the game itself 1277 downloads and counting! This exposure for the game is a fantastic bonus, plus the team all now have an extra completed game to add to our portfolios.

We’re really grateful to the university for supporting us and funding our team, and we hope that this positive attention for our game will also direct more potential students towards our fantastic games courses at UEL! As well as continuing to update and improve our game going forward, our team would also like to encourage the first and second year students to get involved and participate in the Nordic Game Jam in future years as it has been an amazing experience.

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