An SU for You

As we approach the end of the term and the year, it is time to crown one of our student groups the 'Society of the Month' recognition. But first, a big shout out to all societies for being very involved with the Union and providing the UEL community with a range of diverse and interesting activities; everything from charitable to night life events, we couldn't ask for a more engaging group of students.

However, one society stood out amongst the crowd this month. They have been in constant interaction with their members, keeping them up to date on relevant information particularly in regards to the 'Month of Giving' through the use of social media and face-to-face interaction. Their charitable work has also supported many individuals and families to stock up on food for the winter at their 'Food Drive' event. They have also managed to raise approximately £1,415 to support the Ummah Welfare Trust charity.

So, a big congratulations to the Islamic Society for winning this Society of the Month recognition! Their hard work and determination to follow through with their pledges is a testament to better the lives of others and improve the quality of the overall UEL student experience.

To find out more about the Islamic Society, please visit their Facebook page and their UELSU website.

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