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The University of East London has selected projects to receive London Scholars and Civic Engagement funding in 2016/17. Each project will provide students with the opportunity to develop skills and networks, to apply learning in real world settings and to work in collaboration with staff, alongside other students and with partners from a range of external organisations.

CE and LS programmes start in February and run through to June/July depending on the project. To take part in one of these projects you are invited to submit an application. More details about each project and how to apply will be available at the London Scholars Fair today: Thursday 2 February 2pm to 4pm in room SD 1.08/1.09 (Docklands) Come along and you could gain the opportunity to take part in the following exciting projects. Or click here to apply for one of the following projects by Sunday 12 February 2017.

Building Bridges: a training opportunity available to any students who are bilingual/fluent in a second language covering training in interpreting, translating, civic engagement, coaching, psychology, diversity and human rights.

Do you write as well as you speak?: a research project looking at level 3 and 4 students’ views and experience of a series of innovative writing techniques. There are opportunities for Social Sciences students to engage in literature review, writing, data collection and transcription, data analysis and report writing.

Tate Lives: a project which aims to salvage, document and preserve the community history of the Tate Institute in Silvertown; a hall, social club and community centre established 1887 by Henry Tate for his sugar workers. There are opportunities for five students to get involved in arts-based community work, archival research, exhibition making, oral history recording, video documentary and event management.

Step Up to Stop Hate: the opportunity to get involved in a project providing peer-to-peer workshops for young people (age 16+) in local schools and colleges to raise awareness and understanding around hate crime and provide practical guidance on how to act and seek support as a victim or bystander. Training and mentoring support will be provided along with the opportunity to feed directly into policy development on the issue of hate crime.

Supporting Refugees into Higher Education: supporting the refugee access to HE programme at the University of East London starting in April 2017. There are opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students from across all academic disciplines including web design; research; event management. Training by the Refugee Council on professional behaviour and how to interact with vulnerable groups will be provided.

Untold Stories: an opportunity to train and work as Digital Storytelling Facilitators working with eight young people from the SAHA Foyer in Braintree. Stories will be presented by the students and the young people from SAHA at specially convened seminars during the Untold conference in July 2017, which is being hosted by UEL and is expected to attract around 100 delegates from across the globe.

The Ground breakers: the aim of this project is to research and find records, museum and archaeology collections to document the history of the site of the new Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park in Stratford. Students will be trained in archive research and involved in visiting local and national archive collections, noting and collating relevant materials and consulting project partners and experts.

We look forward to seeing you at the London Scholars Fair today: Thursday 2 February 2pm to 4pm in room SD1.08/1.09 (Docklands). If you are unable to attend and would like further information please email Applications are due by 12 February 2017.

We look forward to meeting you.

Gail May, Jana Javornik and Isabella Asimadi

Civic Engagement Office and the Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity in Business

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