Technology Matters

​Welcome to the second week of teaching.​ ​I hope that you're finding your feet and settling in to your new life as a UEL student.

This week we're focusing on technology. Why? Because there are so many online resources to help you study and get the best out of your time at UEL.

Here's a taster of what's on offer.


The great thing about technology is that it gives you the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever you wish. One of the central pillars of your learning experience at UEL is Moodle. You'll soon be familiar with this online virtual learning enrivonment (VLE). Here's some of the things that it offers:

  • ​turning in assessments
  • module handbooks
  • supporting material for your lectures

You can access Moodle through the intranet homepage or through this URL​

Office 365

Next, familiarize yourself with Office 365. Did you know you get free access to MS Office as a student here? You don't need to purchase the license, it comes free with your email account! And you get ample storage to keep all your assessments, lecture notes and anything else you need all in one place.


You also need to get acquainted with Kortext (your digital textbooks) and a perfect way for that is to drop by the library - they'll be holding drop in sessions​​ this week. Another important tool is the intranet, it's your gateway to all of the above and more. ​

Your Universe

We'll also be sending you an e-newsletter called Your Universe​ every two weeks to keep you up to date with campus news, events & opportunities so watch out for that in your inbox.

Need help?

And for those times when technology proves not to be your best friend, UEL'S IT team is there to help you. We have a dedicated FAQ page​ for questions relating to your tablet and Kortext or get in touch with IT.​

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