And the winner is...

As you all may remember, in January we ran ​​a competition to create UEL's mascot. The idea behind was that our mascot would embody our spirit and values, be part of our legacy and help identify us internally and externally.

Once the best applications were shortlisted, the candidates had the chance to pitch their idea to a panel of staff and students.

Finally we can annonce that the winner is Jeff Braganca, Arts and Digital Industries student. who proposed the phoenix as UEL's mascot. Jeff received a £300 cash prize and will have the opportunity to work with designers to create a mascot design, logo, a clothing range and many other exciting promotions. We think the phoenix is the perfect choice as, like the mythical bird, UEL was reborn from the ashes of a fire that destroyed its original home in 1899. 

The other two short-listed entries were Frank Sackey, Health, Sport and Bioscience student and Lukas Volskis, Royal Docks School of Business and Law student. 

We spoke with Frank, second shortlisted entry, who talked to us about his experience on entering the competition:

"My aim was to propose an idea that would correctly embody the nature and spirit of UEL. I was originally not going to enter the competition however I felt that if I won it would allow me to leave a legacy at the university – a way of justifying my time here outside of the academic curriculum in a way that will become the face of the University of East London.

My idea was a Fox. Most students – especially those in halls or who have been in halls – will have had the honour of meeting the campus city foxes. Those foxes to me represent cunning nature, adaptation, confidence and a sense of community; which I thought symbolized the qualities that as a student at UEL we would hope to leave with.

The process was quite simple and I found some materials to help with my proposal and submitted it easily. I was very surprised to find out I had been shortlisted, as I knew that the quality of entries was high and I figured the entries from the school of Arts & Digital Industries would make my entry look underdone. The shortlist involved a presentation with a slideshow in front of a panel. I was initially nervous but it wasn’t extremely formal and so that suited me well, allowing me to be calm and throw ideas at them. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but seeing as the coat of arms for the university has a phoenix on it, I’m not surprised. The history of the university and the rise through the ranks especially in sports over the last few years means that the phoenix is actually quite apt.

I think the Phoenix will be a great addition to the face of the university as it will show determination in the face of adversity, as well as embodying the resurrection of the university that we see from the Law building at Stratford closing and the University Square campus.

I hope the whole university can get behind the phoenix, as it will change the university as we know it!"

That's it for now, but stay tuned for phase 2: design and name the phoenix. 

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