Student parking

I know, parking anywhere in London is difficult and I know it has been especially frustrating for you to park on campus.

Unfortunately, there is no parking available for students during peak hours ( 8am-5pm Mon-Fri). This is because the limited parking spaces we have available are for staff only.

However, students do have unrestricted parking at Docklands after 5pm on weekdays and at weekends, and at Stratford between 5pm–10pm Mon–Fri and 8am–6pm on Saturdays. You must display a valid off peak permit when you park during these hours.

Blue Badge holders and students with a significant health condition may apply for parking during peak hours (8am–5pm Mon–Fri).

We encourage everyone that comes on campus, staff or student, to use public transport. We also have a UEL bus that runs regularly for anyone that needs to travel between our three campuses.

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