Charlotte's Fashion Blog: Work clothes special!

This week we’re taking a special look at what to wear to work/interviews/etc!

Internships are starting soon, as well as uni (who else is excited to come back?) and it’s time that you start thinking about work. If you’re anything like me you spend three hours in a shopping centre looking for a pair of trousers to wear to work and end up buying a classic pair of Topshop jeans and just hope your manager doesn’t notice. So we’re going to see what else we can wear to work.

First, you have to think about where you work. I work in a shop, but you might work in an office – so we’re going to go through all the different options.

Do you have a uniform? If so, great! You don’t need to spend two hours getting ready in the morning and you can go straight out the door - good for you!

Do you have a guideline of what to wear? This applies to me. In my shop, we can wear a black or white top and black trousers and black shoes. I like to wear a white blouse which is fairly oversized and black Topshop jeans (which I wash with great care because they fade like anything!). I find that jeans keep me cooler than trousers, especially in weather like this! I like to wear a slightly oversized blouse rather than a fitted shirt as I like to get changed as soon as I leave work and do something afterwards and it’s less obvious I’ve just been to work; tuck it into a skirt and it looks very pretty. I like this blouse because I can also wear it at uni or on days when I want to look a bit smarter without feeling uncomfortable like I do in a fitted shirt sometimes. It looks similar to this and I like to roll up the sleeves.

‘Semi-casual’…’business casual’…these and other words just don’t make sense to a lot of people. Believe me, I’ve seen a few of these seemingly random words strung together and thought ‘what am I meant to be wearing?’ So let’s sort out a simple outfit to suit any work occasion. Most places will want you to dress smartly and for this I suggest raiding the nearest H&M. Why H&M? Because they have amazing office/smart clothes for very reasonable prices. New Look is also very good! In general I like wearing skirts and when given the chance I will wear a skirt over trousers any day. So if you’re like me, H&M do really good pencil skirts which are great for work!

I find that trousers are hard to find because they never seem to fit me well (do other people have this problem?). Though when I did wear proper trousers at work and not jeans I wore trousers like this. They have to fit you comfortably - you might find that some brands make their trousers smaller - so be prepared to go a size up and always try them on!

Now for the shoes. I like to wear these shoes to work but mine are in a shiny leather. They need a LOT of breaking in, so be prepared and don’t wear them straight to work or you’ll realise halfway through the day you’ve made an awful mistake! Doc Martens are also be a good choice, but I suggest the shoes not the boots. They’re very expensive but they will last for years.

And I haven’t forgotten the men! Primark do a great range of smart shirts in a lot of great prints that are perfect for any work occasion. Unfortunately, I can’t link to any of the ones I like because their website isn’t great, so have a look for yourself. You might have to dig as they have a lot of shirts that are for the ‘older man’ but don’t let that put you off having a browse! Edinburgh Woollen Mill also has a couple of nice pieces for men. Although not your traditional trendy store they do have a few gem items that are great so have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy!

Trousers are fairly easy to come by for men, just make sure you’re looking in the correct places. Again, I think Primark and H&M have some nice options for men.

I also recommend Docs for men’s shoes. They look great on everyone!

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