East London Business Alliance present insight clubs, Spring 2017

Insight Clubs are a great way for you to get a better understanding of the industry area, the day to day roles of those already in the industry and the different entry routes and roles available, whilst building on your own employability skills and your professional network.

Employers recruit for 60% of jobs internally and a large proportion is via hidden advertisements which you penetrate through networking. This year, ELBA has the following Insight Clubs:

  • Accountacy (3 week structured programme) hosted by Mazars, the UK's 8th largest accountancy firm. The club will be exciting with Mazars providing you with industry specific knowledge, graduate application tips, awareness of the different career paths and routes available, as well as networking. Dates: 8th, 15t & 22nd March 2017 (3 - 5pm)
  • Business Insight Clubs (3-5 week rotational programme where you will be working with the likes of Nomura, Society Generale, etc). For those students who attended the clubs last year, this year will be completely different. You will be doing an ice breaker, structured activity which gives you an insight into the company through an assessment centre style activity. QA and networking at the end. It is a great way to build your confidence before you start applying for internship programmes and it gives you a lot more to take away for your CVS and topics to discuss in interviews because you will be working closely with the employees of these companies. Dates: TBC March 2017
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing (3 - 5 week rotational programme hosted by Accenture and Linkedin). It's fun, current and interactive. It allows you to build your profile at the same time. This club is for everyone, where you are looking to go into business, marketing, being an entrepreneur or you are looking for real experience (ranging from fundraising to raising awareness for a campaign through social media). Dates: TBC March 2017
  • HR and Employee Relations (1-2 week programme) where you will get an insight into the HR industry and what you might have to do to get into this tight job market. Again, interactive session which looks at building your skills. Dates: TBC March 2017

Insight days or clubs are a great basis for you to apply for internships because by attending an activity at one of these companies, you reinforce your interest in them. Also, often you receive tips on what the company looks for in their graduates. Some students have used Insight Clubs as a way to secure shadowing days in the past and some people have secured places on the graduate scheme of the companies too.

If interested, please apply via the following link


Deadline: 16th February 2017

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