Charlotte’s Fashion Blog – 13 August 2018

Retro Review

This week on the retro review we’re going to be looking at the classic 50s tea dress and why it’s not great for today’s dress culture.

The 50s was a time of great social confusion when you look at it. Teenagers were still largely ignored as their own type of person (they were somewhere in between children and adults but had no formal label) and women were expected to stop working after having worked throughout the entirety of World War 2. The typical A-line tea dress that you imagine when you think of the 50s was largely an American phenomenon - and much like how 80s fashion is depicted to be neon gym wear, that’s not really the case.

Wearing the typical 50s style dress today would not be practical. For one, I’m very clumsy and would definitely knock several things off counters within five minutes of wearing it and secondly, the tulle that is used to make them bigger adds an extra five or so inches so watch out for any coffee tables with mugs on them! The dresses look just look great on 50s enthusiasts; on everyone in general the shape is flattering to the eye as it makes people appear slimmer, but the stiff material means that they’re uncomfortable to wear and expensive to make. This goes against the fast fashion culture of today. Women today often need a day-and-night-all-in-one type outfit, and have loads of magazines telling us how to achieve this. The 50s tea dress isn’t practical in the office either. In fact, Dior popularised this type of dress - ‘Dior’s New Look’ – as it was designed to make women feminine again after the war and turn them back into pretty housewives. If that isn’t a conspiracy I don’t know what is! So yes, the 50s dress definitely belongs in the past.


So this week it was Kylie Jenner’s birthday. Crazy to think that this women is a millionaire and could only just drink legally in America a few days ago. So at her party she was pictured to be wearing a bright pink eighties style power suit with shoulder pads to match. I mean, it’s Kylie - she really can pull anything off! The pink sateen material looks great against her complexion and really suits her. On anyone else I’d be against it but she looks great!

Worth Global Style Network (WGSN)

In Autumn/Winter 2019/20 you’re going to be seeing a lot of asymmetric skirts around; starting on the catwalk and slowly integrating themselves into our high street fashion so be on the lookout. No doubt they will be subtle with high street brands, but as you go into more expensive retailers, or the more expensive side the asymmetry will be more extreme. In the high street, look out for wrap style skirts that create a more subtle asymmetric look.

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