Charlotte's Fashion Blog - 16 July 2018

This week

This week on WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) we’re looking at knitwear for 2019.

Silhouettes will continue to have an oversized appearance on more casual styles. Knitted dresses will continue being key style pieces in fitted shapes, whether they are in body conscious or long fluid shapes. This means that knitwear designers will have to be aware of how the fashions are staying similar this year and try not to attempt anything commercial that is out of the oversized reach.

Ariana Grande engagement outfit

Recently - as in about a week ago but I’m awful at keeping up with the news - Ariana Grande got engaged to her boyfriend Pete Davidson. All very exciting for Grande fans! Ever since the iconic photo of Ariana and her fiance with lollipops surfaced it has stuck in my mind so let’s talk about it! I love what Ariana is wearing, her yellow hoodie is very much in fashion right now. She has been sporting lots of…well…sportswear as of late and it’s very interesting to watch such a feminine celeb dress in such a casual way - I love it! I love how she always accessorises whatever she’s wearing and she still manages to make her yellow oversized hoodie something super girly and pretty.

Retro review

This week I am going to talk about cloches and how they wouldn’t work today. Right okay, so let’s set the record straight, I don’t hate cloches…I just think they would be majorly impractical in today’s society, though they did look beautiful in their time. They were worn in a time when it was popular and fashionable for women to have short hair, although with great disapproval from their family. Cloches don’t really have the same almost cupping effect on the head when women have longer hair, which is trending at the moment.

They were also of a time where many women didn’t have jobs, or those that did most likely couldn’t afford to dress in such a way. They’re not the most practical piece of headwear out there and it’s difficult to work with a hat that almost blocks your vision. Being part of an outfit, it would have been out of the question to remove them. They also have a formal air to them; I think my Mum wore one at her wedding (sorry Mum). We are in a time of fashion at the moment where most trends are a lot more casual and you’re unlikely to find a hat in your local high street store that isn’t a baseball cap (and if you can please let me know, help a sister out here). So this is why I feel like cloches are unsuitable for the latest fashions, but if you disagree please let me know - let’s start a discussion!

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