Charlotte's Fashion Blog - 18 June 2018

Did it work?

This week’s Did it work? showcases fantastic YouTuber Jessica Kellgren-Fozard! Jessica is deaf and has a series of sign language videos on her channel where she shows how to sign almost everything. In honour of Pride Month she released a video on signing everything Pride-related and it’s a great watch! You can find it here. Anyway, in this video she is wearing a black dress that has a sweetheart neckline and ruffles on the bodice. Jessica holds a fantastic vintage style and this dress suits her so well and makes a change from her usual vintage get up which is equally as marvellous! I love how this dress looked much like a prom dress and the style made me want to go back to prom and wear a dress much like hers. I reckon we should hold a UEL prom - any takers?

This week on WGSN

Autumn/Winter 2019/20 has graced us with its presence. Even though we’re not even fully into summer yet, WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) have to get us down and talking about winter in a year’s time. No rest for the wicked, eh? Autumn/Winter will see the rise of some very ‘interesting’ looking blouses and shirts, especially hybrid shirts. These shirts are very cool and something we are seeing on catwalks at the moment. Mixing materials, textures, colours and patterns to create an interesting look and feel to the shirt. Buttoning up two shirts together to create a draping master piece is something that you can find commonly online now and with a few clever pins it looks like it was meant to be like that! This is great if you want to achieve a trendy catwalk look that you’d rather make yourself as it’s super easy and cheap to do. We are also looking for Victorian-styled blouses with high necks and ruffled sleeves, along with blouses with lots and lots of volume, which is a personal favourite of mine.

The retro review

Because it’s summer we’re introducing a shiny new section into our blog: a retro section. This is where we pick an item of clothing from the past and explain why it would just be awful on people today - and today I’m going to talk about shoulder pads.

I can honestly say that shoulder pads are the bane of my existence; having to wear a blazer for work with shoulder pads is enough for me to start hating them more than I hated back combing hair. They don’t work with a lot of the clothing pieces we wear today. The biggest (haha) piece of clothing with shoulder pads in is of course the power suit of the eighties. When I think of power suits I think of powerful women in high-power positions being the best #girlboss ever, though I can’t help but think the pads on the suit were trying to suggest being powerful included having male attributes such as broad shoulders. That’s just my sociology brain kicking into gear. The clothes we wear now aren’t suitable for the sheer strength of those shoulder pads. Light padding is needed for blazers in order for them to keep their shape and form, but since the majority of the clothes in my wardrobe don’t even have sleeves, or sleeves applicable for shoulder pads, I don’t think they really work with today’s choice in attire.

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