Charlotte's Fashion Blog - 2 July 2018

Did it work?

On this week’s Did it work? we’re going to be looking at Lucy Wood’s video ‘Size 14 get ready with me – coffee date outfit’. I love Lucy’s videos; she’s so down-to-earth and her new hashtag #averagegirlsize is empowering the women who don’t fit into the ‘mainstream’ dress sizes you see online. In this video she explains that she’s getting ready for a coffee date and decides to film the process; she wears a very cute and simple outfit which is perfect for the summer months and perfect for this lush weather we’ve been having! She wears a white tie up shirt with blue jeans and a large belt paired with gingham slip-on shoes. I love this outfit; it’s something that I would deffo wear myself (I wore it the other day actually!) and it’s something more wearable than what you see a lot of ‘YouTubers’ wearing. This is a thumbs up from me.

This week

This week on WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) we’re looking at dresses. We’re going to be seeing a lot of wrapping and tying of fabric at the waist instead of using a belt or darts in the fabric to create a waist. Wrap waists are going to massively be in fashion regardless on the type of dress, but they are most likely going to be most seen on midi length dresses. You will also be seeing kimono sleeve shirt dresses which are going to look absolutely stunning! Dresses are such an important part of fashion; they can often be left to boring cuts or prints but you will deffo be seeing a change to make them more exciting by the shape alone.

The retro review

This week we’re going to be looking at corsets and how they would be awful today. Now I don’t want to say I’m a professional on corsets but I did do an essay about them so I’m no stranger to the waist cage (err, someone said something like this once but I don’t remember who so just trust me on this one…). I hate corsets, but what I hate even more than the original corsets are the waist trainers celebs tried to bring into fashion last year - like seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Despite the fact that corsets are inherently harmful (have you ever tried to move in a top that was just too tight?) celebs thought it would be a good idea to market them to the average person of today: you and me.

While I’m down for a pair of Spanx (trademarked) every now and again, the idea of people going through the same type of pain that was experienced when wearing a corset just doesn’t make any sense to me. Corsets were often made out of whale bone which is not only illegal now (and I cringe at the thought of anyone being arrogant enough to even try this now), it was incredibly stiff and has no give at all so the women who would wear them would be literally trapped and unable to move their torso.

Corsets are also majorly impractical for the types of clothing we wear now. We no longer wear the insanely stiff cottons that were available; we also don’t wear the same type of tailored clothing. Much of the clothing we wear now is waist-less, whereas much of the clothing that was worn then was shaped and tailored to match the tight hourglass shape that the corsets tried to make. Best keep corsets in the past!

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