Eating on a budget

Your diet is an important part of being healthy and you don’t need to spend a fortune. By establishing an eating routine you can keep your blood sugars stable throughout the day so always aim to eat a breakfast packed full of goodness. Lunch doesn’t have to be costly and preparation is the key. Making your own packed lunch every day is much cheaper than grabbing something between lectures. Plan your dinners at the start of the week then go shopping for only the ingredients you need, and shop once a week rather than every day. This will not only save you money but also valuable time! Be sure you freeze your leftovers for another day!

Check out these simple recipes below for a complete meal on a budget:

Spicy Tuna Pasta Bake for only £5! (based on Tesco’s prices)


500g Pasta 30p

1 tin of Tuna Chunks 65p

1 Jar of HomePride Pasta Bake Sauce £1

1 bag Baby Spinach £1 (reduced with boiling water)

Sundried Tomatoes £1.75 (cut up into quarters)

Sweetcorn 30p

Chilli flakes/Harissa Paste/ Chipotle Sauce

Total Cost £5.00


  1. Boil pasta till part cooked, drain and add to an oven dish
  2. Pour pasta sauce into dish and mix
  3. Add tinned tuna, spinach tomatoes and sweetcorn
  4. Add chilli flakes or any other hot sauce into the mix!
  5. Place in oven for 10-15mins on 180degrees and it’s finished!

Chocolate Pudding

Left over tub of Double cream? Only so many times you can add it to a soup or pasta dish?

Why not turn it into a vegetarian mousse or pudding? Here's how...

* Melt milk chocolate in a bowl over a pan of barely simmering water stirring occasionally.

(if you like mocha, add in some coffee granules whilst chocolate is melting)

Once all melted, set aside to cool

* Whip the double cream to soft peaks.

* Once the chocolate has cooled (when you touch the chocolate it should feel mildly warm – if the chocolate is too hot it won't mix in the cream properly.

* Fold the chocolate into the cream, bit by bit until all well mixed. Spoon mixture into ramakins/pots/bowls. You can decorate with grated chocolate or some fruit!

* Place in the fridge for 10/15 mins to cool slightly.

N.B. If you aren't serving the mousse straight away, remember to take it out of the fridge 20 mins before to allow the mixture to soften.

If you want to try something extra special, try this 'No baking involved' Coffee pudding! It involves layers of chocolate mousse, vanilla mousse and coffee dipped biscuits!

* Make the chocolate mousse as per the above and set aside for use later.

* Whip more double cream combined with sugar and vanilla extract/essence. Once whipped to soft peaks, set aside for use later.

* To a small amount of hot water, add instant coffee granules. Once granules have dissolved, top up with cold water.

Assembling the pudding:

* Take a rich tea biscuit and dip in the coffee liquid for about 5 seconds (if mixture if too warm, dip for less time. Biscuits should begin to feel soft but fall apart in the coffee)

* Spread the coffee soaked biscuits in base of a deep bowl. Repeat to make a double layer (for the base only)

* Spread a layer of chocolate cream mixture

* Add one layer of coffee soaked biscuits

* Spread a layer of vanilla cream

* Add one layer of coffee soaked biscuits

* Repeat until you have finished the mix or bowl is full!

* Set in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving. The dessert will firm in the fridge.

Banana Smoothie

Bananas... Packed with nutrients and good for your heart, eyes, diet and your mood!

Ever get to the point in the week when you bought bananas during the weekend because you were determined to eat well, but 4 days on it's still sitting in your fruit bowl? The banana has gone soft, skin looks more black than yellow and you know it's going to be overly sweet!

Here's an idea....

Peel the banana, place in a freezable bag and freeze it!

When you've got a collection of other fruits and nuts, blend them with the frozen banana to make a delicious smoothie! The banana will bring natural sweetness too!

Add a spoon of cocoa powder to make a chocolate smoothie!

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