Keeping up with hobbies during uni

We go to university to learn, to better ourselves, and to prepare ourselves for the future. However, all too often I have seen people completely putting their lives on hold to attend university, and I think this is a shame – we’re not around for all that long, preparing for the future shouldn’t mean sacrificing the present. So today I’m going to take a look at keeping up with your hobbies and life during your study.

Reward Systems

Of course, study still has to come first. You’re not paying all this money and putting in all this time just to half-ass the result. Thus coming up with reward systems can be pivotal for getting a good amount of both study and personal time in.

My own reward system is quite simple – for every hour of reading, working on my assignments, or other study that I do, I can do half an hour of something else. This system allows me to take regular breaks, and keeps me on top of my studies. Using a timer has also greatly helped me keep on track and not get distracted. Come up with a system that works for you, and you’ll find that somehow you have more time for study and fun!


Of course, having the time to keep up with your hobbies is all well and good, but only if you can afford them! Students have a reputation for being poor, so finding ways to keep up with your hobbies cheaply is vital.

Typically, if you’re willing to put in a little work and do some research, you can save a lot of money. I love to cycle, but can’t afford to constantly keep my bike maintained and upgraded – so I started buying junk bicycles from the local dump. These cost me £1 or £2 each and often they’d only been thrown away because they had a leak or worn away brakes; so I could strip most of the bike for parts. I also enjoy playing computer games, but couldn’t afford to buy the latest computer to run them. By buying the parts and building the computer I saved a huge amount of money overall.

Take a look into your preferred hobbies and see if there is a way to make it cheaper, so you can continue to enjoy it even when low on money.


If your hobby requires more than one person, but you’ve moved far away from home, what do you do?

Honestly? Just look around. If you’re at university, there’s probably other people with similar interests nearby. There’s likely a huge number of clubs, groups, and nearby teams of like-minded people just waiting for you! Ask around at uni, or take a look on websites like to find groups of people doing the same thing.

There we have it! Have fun in whatever way you enjoy the most, and good luck with your course!

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