Worth Global Style Network (WGSN)

Spring/Summer 2020 will bring us ‘neo mint’. This colour fits in with the recurring theme of mixing nature with technology – something we have been seeing a lot of in recent years and will be seeing a lot more of in the not-so-distant future. The way that colour trends are predicted in WGSN is very interesting and there’s a chart here which shows the general themes in both recent and upcoming years. The mint is a welcoming and fresh colour compared to the normally dark and powerful autumn/winter colours such as ox red and navy, so this neo mint will be more than welcome on my walls and in my wardrobe!

Celebrity style

Lily Collins’ latest Instagram post shows her in a red spotted room sporting a grey t-shirt with a heart and black jeans. She looks so effortless and chic. This is an outfit that anyone could wear, yet she somehow manages to look so beautiful in something so simple! This is definitely a thumbs up from me!

The retro review

This week were going to be looking at shift dresses of the 1960s and why they wouldn’t be so popular today. These shift dresses were popularised by Twiggy and the mod movement. Shift dresses are characterised by their rectangular shape and do not sculpt the body in a way that is flattering, as most clothes today do. The straight up and down shape can look very unflattering on someone who does not have the same body shape as Twiggy and may not be the best thing for someone to wear who is looking to emphasise their good points and minimise the bad.

The shapeless dress can look almost childlike, which depending on the situation isn’t really a good thing. They can be hard to style and wearing a belt is an option that takes away from the intention of the dress in the first place. The 1960s were a time of confusion for many young adults; the idea of being a “teenager” had only just really settled into the mainstream and young people were now being targeted by brands who wanted to sell items just to them. During a time when youthfulness was desired (probably more so than world peace!) looking younger than you were was often a plus.

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