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This week we are going to have a look at what is in store for autumn 2018 and winter 2019 in the realm of trainers! Trainers are going to continue the trend of 90s fashion and dad trainers, so don’t throw out last season’s yet! Chunky trainers of last summer are back again for autumn/winter; the silhouette will be more important than ever so keep that in mind if you are buying or designing for this season. Carrying on with the chunky shape, platform trainers will be back again, adding those all-important few inches to your height and taking on the style of creepers that your parents may have worn. The devil’s in the detail as they say and it’s more important now than ever to have highly detailed trainers, extravagant or not. Different coloured panels will create a modern edge to those old-style nineties dad trainers we were talking about earlier, so keep that in mind! Shoes may also incorporate hiking shoe detailing, especially the hooped eyelets. Going on from eyelets, the statement laces you have been seeing everywhere recently will become a lot more subtle, taking on more of the hiking style by using the striped laces you find on hiking boots. Materials that you may find frequently used are velvet and metallics.

Celebrity fashion

This week were looking at Jennifer Lopez and her baby pink sweatshirt she was seen wearing recently. Cropped sweatshirts are massively in trend, especially in transitional periods like we are experiencing now between summer and autumn where the weather is all over the place; they are often the best choice of jumper to wear! Jennifer has paired hers with matching pink leggings and bright white trainers and she looks great! Sporting active wear casually is a huge trend at the moment. It’s been seen a lot because of celebrities wearing it like her, so it’s great to see how this active wear trend will transpire in the weeks and months to come!

The retro review

This week were going to look at the low rise trousers and jeans from the 90s and 00s. The extremely low jeans were so fashionable at the time, with pop stars including Christina Aguilera wearing these questionable trousers. They’re just so against the high and mid-rise that we wear today and surely they’re not particularly comfortable; anything that low down can’t be fun to wear at all. I’m more than happy that they’re not around today and let’s hope it stays that way!

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