Charlotte Thomas is a second year fashion student at UEL. She blogs for Your Universe. All opinions are her own.

Worth Global Style Network (WGSN)

This week on WGSN we’ll be looking at denim for spring/summer 2020.

We will be going back to noughties minimal denim with straight lines, taking it all the way back to basics. This goes against the recent trend of overly complicated and extravagant designs and patterns, including (but not limited to) belts made out of denim for denim skirts. We will also see a replacement of denim with non-traditional materials such as nylon. These will be used for redesigning garments made for traditional denim, so you may see denim jackets made out of nylon instead of cotton (which is very confusing to the eye). You will also begin to see the rise of graphic prints for spring/summer merge into the denim category and blur together. There is an increase in using non-traditional mediums to replace what was once used, even if it is only for one season.

You will also see the use of lasers to print/cut designs into the material. A big trend for 2020, and one that has been rising for a while is urbanisation. WGSN suggests that using 3D materials such as chains will take denim to the next level, keeping it in line with urban trend setters such as rappers. Gucci has been on the wave of following rappers and their styles, so let’s wait and see if any other fashion houses follow suit. Finally, layering denim will take double denim to the next level; double collars and sleeves and such will create an effortlessly cool effect that we have seen in recent years.

Retro review

While I was researching for this regular part of my blog I came across something very, very bizarre. I was born in ‘98 so I completely missed this trend, but it involved wearing a skirt over trousers, specifically wide legged trousers. I wasn’t sure if someone was messing with me on Google, so I looked it up elsewhere and it was a genuine thing some people wore - albeit mostly celebrities, but a trend nonetheless. Now, I want to say this is something that I never want to see again, but I saw it on ASOS and closed the page, deciding that this was enough browsing for the day. Either way, those things should not be allowed back into fashion. They’re just more confusing than anything else.


This month is Black History Month! So exciting! So if you want to get involved in any of the events that are taking place, feel free to go down to the Students’ Union building (North Building on Docklands campus) to find out and take part. Other than that, there’s not much on the fashion event front; deadlines are due in a few months’ time, but it’s full steam ahead while we try and get the work done so keep it up folks!

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