Charlotte Thomas is a second year fashion student at UEL. She blogs for Your Universe. All opinions are her own.

Worth Global Style Network

This week on WGSN we’re looking at spring/summer 2020 design development, this means that we’re looking at things that are in development for the drop in spring 2020. This week, cropped polo shirts have come up, in very much a 50s style; they are most likely to be made from cotton which is breathable and perfect for the spring season.

Retro review

This week we’re looking at snakeskin shoes. Just as I think that everything I very strongly dislike is going out of fashion, they always seem to pop back up…

Now this is my own personal opinion, but I am completely against the use of skins (the ‘new’ generation was a bit rubbish!), real or fake. Just like the use of fur, the use of snakeskin is something I just don’t agree with, so I hope that the real thing doesn’t re-appear anytime soon!


This week, ex-Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson was seen wearing an 80s style, powersuit-esque pink satin outfit. I love the colour and the shape, I think she looks great. Although not a favourite of mine on the programme, she's a favourite of mine in this outfit!


On Friday 2 November the fashion society is holding a Moulin Rouge event at the Underground bar on campus. The entrance is £2 when dressed to theme and £3 when not dressed up, so why not get that feather boa out? We hope to see you there!

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