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This week we’re looking at pre-summer 2019 knitwear. Summer and knitwear don’t always go together, but this season's looks won’t leave you looking for the nearest tree to hide under. The chosen silhouette is long line, with slim fitting designs. Slim fit shirts and knitted dresses are the key items. The classic crew neck jumper will have capped sleeves, mock necklines and slouchy shapes, changing up the traditional jumper look. In full summer, you’re going to be seeing more v necks, as well as matching sets of colour and texture.


This week the 1975 released the video of their new song ‘Sincerity is Scary.’ Matt Healy is pictured at the start of the video leaving a house giving serious Kurt Cobain vibes, with blue jeans that are ripped in the knee and a yellow jacket. After he falls down the manhole, he comes out of another house wearing something that’s coming into fashion very soon: layered clothing! He is wearing trousers with similar colour shorts over them that are covered in paint! I could go through the rest of the outfits, but that would spoil it, so you’re going to have to watch it for yourself. Very good video and very good clothes!

The Retro Review

This week on The Retro Review, we’re looking at the 1920s and its silhouette. The silhouette of the 1920s is the very distinctive rectangle shape. Dresses hung from the shoulders and weren’t tied in at the waist creating this boxy shape. The shape was first used by flappers (a term given to rebellious women of their era, with short hair and a love for jazz music), such as some dancers, before the shape eventually trickled down into ‘normal’ society. We use the term ‘normal’ loosely here - meaning those who weren’t of the middle and upper classes - so most people wouldn’t be able to afford these luxury styles. Some believe that the shape was used by flappers to emulate the shape and body of a young child (which is insanely creepy and weird by the way), while others suggest that the shape was made to give women a more boyish look and to ‘throw away’ the sense of traditional femininity that had been thrown in their faces for their entire lives. Flappers gave girls that didn’t fit the desired conventions of beauty a place to show off their true figure.


On Friday 23 November there is a Hogwarts house party going on at the Underground bar. Make sure you come and represent your Hogwarts house! Even if you’re not that into Harry Potter, it’s an excuse to go to the Underground - if you needed an excuse in the first place, aha! Hufflepuff for the win!

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