UELook: Balmain's new campaign with Cara Delevingne


This week we are looking at the predicted trends for women’s skirts in S/S 2020.

A key thing to look out for with skirts, is their longevity, people now are more interested in sustainability, clothes that are built to last. Utility miniskirts are something that we are going to be seeing, they are, generally, long lasting, which ties in with themes of sustainability. We will also be seeing a continuation of long line slip skirts, specifically made out of silk or satin materials. In-keeping with the long lines of this season, we will be seeing sarong skirts, pleated skirts, as well as tiered vacation skirts.


Cara Delevingne is the face of Balmain Spring 2019, she is pictured in the campaign with the brand’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing.

This campaign image can be referenced back to brands such as Calvin Klein and his campaign with Justin Bieber. Cara, in the full image, can be seen wearing Balmain jeans - well, just about. The use of blatant sexuality in fashion images is no longer shocking to us as consumers. Moreover, the way that the jeans aren’t even really shown in the image, debates a point in what they are really trying to sell here.


This coming week is Cultural Week Celebrations and the SU is holding loads of events to keep you interested this week. On 6 February the Creative Arts Society is holding a flag-making event in the SU building on Docklands campus. If you’re interested in making your flag, come on down.

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