UELook: S/S 2020 denim, bright pinks and lilacs, plus a retro review

WGSN (trend forecasting)

This week we’re looking at S/S 2020 denim. The main theme for this trend is tie dye in bright colours and cut outs. Cold shoulder jackets and jackets with gathered sleeves are statement pieces that you are able wear to give your outfit a more outrageous, wild look. Generally, most of these pieces will be oversized, this is vital for layering. You will also be seeing knee-length denim shorts and tie dye jeans, which is something that has not been a trend recently, so it is a welcome inclusion to S/S 2020.


This week we saw Emily Atack at the TRIC awards. Emily is best known for her role as Charlotte in The Inbetweeners. She was seen wearing a candy inspired outfit, with a pink striped skirt and a lilac top, both with more sparkles than anything I’ve seen in a while, and I love that! I really enjoy the outfit she was wearing, not only is it different from what we typically see at these events, it’s so colourful.

Retro Review

This week we are going to be looking at fashion from 1911, very specific I know. I enjoy looking through random number generators and finding years and the fashions that match them, what can I say, we all need a hobby. In my search for what to analyse this week, I found something from 1911, and from what I can tell, it's from some sort of magazine, or some other institution that would be telling women what to wear. This article tells women how gingham can look smart and fashionable for the time. However, odd fabric choice aside, I wanted to look at the illustrations of the fashions and talk about them, as well as the shapes of the fashions later on.

These illustrations are left looking out of proportion at best, this style reflects how women were meant to dress themselves at the time and how they were meant to be shaped if they wanted to be deemed "attractive". The small waist comes from the corset, that was in full force in 1910. Impossibly small waists were the height of attractiveness, this led to the pigeon shaped chest that the illustrations have. To be frank, it almost looks like they could fall over if there was a strong breeze! The shape of the bodies go from being broad at the shoulder to having a small waist and their dresses falling effortlessly from their waist, as if there was nothing below the navel.

The lack of proportion in these illustrations show just how unrealistic they are and that we have not moved on that much as a society, regarding how women are treated by the media. Women have been treated as if they are objects to be displayed, playing into sexual desires and being nothing more than attractive models, or illustrations in this case. We like to say as a society that we’ve moved past treating women as nothing more than objects of desire. However, the likes of Kylie Jenner and other influencers who have a similar body shape to the ‘ideal,’ it seems like we’ve come round in a circle when it comes to fashion and fashion imagery.

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