UELook: The death of a great, denim's sustainability, and The BRITs

This week saw the passing of one of fashion's biggest icons Karl Lagerfeld. He was an iconic man who took the fashion world by storm, and knew how to work the press. He was the head of not only his own fashion brand, but also Fendi and Chanel. Because of his passing and his legacy, we will look through some of his work. Lagerfeld has been surrounding himself with greats all of his life, befriending Yves Saint Laurent and working for Balmain as his assistant. Lagerfeld was hired by Fendi in 1967 to modernise their fur line and he stayed at Fendi until his passing. In the 1980s Lagerfeld was brought in to bring back to life, Chanel, the brand which was thought of to be dead. Four years after starting at Chanel Lagerfeld started his own fashion brand under his own name. Throughout a large part of his career he worked for three fashion houses, being the creative head for all of them. Regardless on your opinions of the man, you cannot deny the impact he had on fashion and how much he has changed the way we perceive a world famous brand on the brink of collapse.

This week we’re looking on WGSN for Autumn/Winter trends for 2020/21, specifically denim and the environment. A big thing to consider when looking into the future of denim this is the overproduction and the effects that denim production has on the environment. This could mean that denim may reach a broader range of products to use scraps and ends that would otherwise be thrown away, or it may limit production to a limited number of manufacturers. Something that has been suggested by trend researchers is that denim will need to be produced with the ability to regulate the body’s temperature, this is because of the changes in climate and how there is no set weather pattern for the foreseeable future. The extreme changes in climate mean that we will need clothes that are able to be worn throughout the year, not just when it’s hot or cold.

This week also saw the Brit awards, hilariously awkward as ever. We saw Jack Whitehall being the host for the second year in a row and today we’re going to be looking at what he was wearing. Whitehall was seen wearing an off-navy suit, with black finishings. I thought what he wore was more interesting than what may be a more traditional choice of a black suit, the slight difference in colour gave you something more interesting to take in. The choice in colour also distinguishes Whitehall from all of the performers artists he was pictured with throughout the night, all wearing black suits.

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