10 things to remember whilst living in halls

With everything that goes on at uni, it can be difficult to remember those simple little things that make a big difference.

Don't wait until it's too late to start doing the things below.

1. Keep your flat door locked

While leaving the door on the latch is easy, you can't guarantee everyone in your block is a hall resident and/or someone you can trust. Get in the habit of taking your keys everywhere with you.

2. Lock your room door

Yes, even when you run down the hall for a cup of tea or to hop in the shower. You don't want to give anyone easy access to your valuables.

3. Keep windows locked

When you aren't in your room or kitchen, be sure to keep your windows locked to stop people from accessing your room, or reaching your valuables.

4.  Don't let strangers tailgate you into halls

If they say they're visiting someone, have them wait outside and get in touch with the person to let them in themselves.

5. Be careful with your keys

Never label your keys, and keep them with you at all times. If you do lose them, don't depend on your roommate to keep letting you in, thinking they'll just 'pop up'. Report is as anyone could be accessing your room while you're out.

6. Keep an eye on your belongings

If you're in a social area, keep your laptop, iPad and phone with you at all times. You might go to clear your head just as someone happens to walk by your unattended belongings.

7. Switch off electrical appliances

Dont' leave laptops and phones on charge when leaving your room or while you're sleeping, and always turn off hair straighteners and lamps.

8. Kitchen appliances

Always double check that all hobs and ovens are turned off when you've finished cooking. Set timers so you don't forget your food. Rock hard pizza aside, you don't want to be that person who sets off the fire alarm.

9. Don't forget to turn off the iron

It might be rare that you use it, but in case you do, always check your iron is switched off and out of the way, before leaving your room. 

10. What to do if you are locked out

Speak to security so they can help you. If there is an emergency

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