Hello and welcome back to #LivingYourBestResLife. Everyone is now back from the holiday break and we are ready to get 2019 started. We kick started the year with some badass TV & Takeaway. Residential Life Scholar Brandan picked the awesome and mind-bending Black Mirror for us to watch. Accompanied by some delicious free pizzas. I don’t know about you but I love Black Mirror and I love pizza. So combining both of them, genius!

We all went back to lectures but we were still in a chilled mood. So what better way than a Quiz Night followed by a Movie Night? We started Sunday evening with the quiz. Students were in different groups, fighting for the win, to please the quiz gods. The more questions asked, the more people get excited. If you missed Quiz Night, don’t worry. We have Quiz Nights every other Sunday. Keep your eyes open on our social media page, so that you can always be up to date on all our events or just leave us a comment on our social media pages.

After the Quiz Night, yours truly decided that for Movie Night we would watch Split, as the sequel – Glass - is in cinemas now. I thought, let’s get people caught up. Everyone loved to watch good old James McAvoy entertain us as he plays 23 different characters. The students raided all the free popcorn and the free drinks that we had. But don’t worry, next time that popcorn machine will be filled again. If you haven’t come to a movie night yet, don’t be shy. They’re the best nights on campus, like having your own private cinema.

Well that is me done for this week guys. Don’t worry, I will be back next week to entertain and inform you of all the good stuff happening on campus. Don’t forget to follow us on social media, that way we can always hear your thoughts and improve the way we do things. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, smoke signal or just an email will do.

Hugs and kisses UEL.

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