Hello friends.

It’s your friendly neighborhood scholar. Bringing you another edition of #livingyourbestreslife. I want to do things a little different this time. Instead of talking about events that happened I want to talk about events that are coming up.

For all you football aficionados there will be a Futsal tournament in the Sports Dock, curtesy of Ish. Come on down on Tuesday the 12th at 5pm. It will be tones of fun. And if you do come, you will get an exclusive chance to see me fail miserably at kicking a ball.

Next we've got our lovely residential officer Manjula hosting TV & Takeaway. She will be showing Game of Thrones, so watch out because winter is coming, but at least it’s coming with delicious pizzas. And you know your boy will be there. I mean who doesn’t want free pizza. If you want to come and join us, TV & Takeaway will be in the Longbridge Common Room on Thursday 14 March, 7pm.

And to finish the week on a cool note. We have Movie Night on Sunday 17 March, 7pm. You already know there is going to be popcorn. Oh popcorn, my one true love. Keep an eye on our social media for more details on what movie we are showing. I’m going to be there and I want to see all you guys there as well.

For now, this is all I've got for you guys, but before I go, I just want to tell you to keep an eye on our social media pages as I will be doing a "Takeover Tuesday" video announcing all the big events that are to come. Talking about social media, follow us on our pages to be up to date on all that is happening on our lovely campus. It doesn’t hurt, it is only one click away. I will just leave them right here. With that being said, I love you UEL, more than a friend.

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