Top 5 tips to make it through January

Mountains of snow and layers of sweaters are all nice and cozy when it's holiday season, once all the decorations are back in their boxes, winter can be very dreary. Once the magic wears off, January seems especially long and trying. But don't despair - spring will come around sooner than you think. Here are a few tricks so you don't lose your mind until then:

1. Have resolution-friendly fun

January is the time when people want to save money, eat better, exercise more and work harder which translates to nobody wants to go out. But don't let those pesky resolutions hold you back from having fun - just use them as an excuse to get creative.

2. Get a hobby

Many of us make big, ambitious resolutions lke 'this will be the year I finish my book' or 'I'm finally going to learn how to sew' but it's much elss daunting, not to mention more fun, if you ditch the resolution idea and make whatever it is you want to do a 'January hobby' instead.

3. Do winter activities

I think of ice skaring and sipping peppermint mochas in cozy coffee shops as pre-Christmas activities. But, the truth is, there's nothing that says they have to be and no one really has time for them before the holidays anyway! So, make January the time you celebrate winter. Make a list of all of the things you actually like about the season like skiing, sitting by the fire, nights in with a good movie, whatever it may be and go do them!

4. Make sure you're not sad

If you feel like your misery is more than just a passing of hatred for January, talk to your doctor. Sometimes there are actual medical reasons for the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder or 'seasonal depression' is a very real mood disorder that is cauaed by the hormonal shifts in your brain that occur when seasons change and it's diagnosed more frequently in women than in men. The lacy of sunlight can also cause a Vitamin D deficiency, which has been linked with depression and fatigue.

5. Don't forget, Spring will soon be here

The winter blues probably hit you last year too, but then you got to taste the wonder of spring and summer. That buzz of exciement in the air on that first day where you can walk outside without a coat makes it worth powering through the cold months. 

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